Monday, October 04, 2010

Kakak and Anas: Sony Ericson

Kakak - My elder sister, 22 yrs old, she likes to fool around with Anas
Anas - My younger brother, 7 yrs old, he likes to ask questions
Mak Teh - My auntie

On the way to the the car,

Anas: Kakak, macam mana orang buat handphone?
Kakak: (in a convincing tone) Haaaa....macam ni. Dia tanam biji benih.
Anas: Tanam biji benih? Lepas tuh? Dapat handphone?
Kakak: Eh, tunggu dulu, kakak tak habis lagi. Lepas tu nanti pokok akan tumbuh.. Bila pukuk tu tumbuh nanti ada...
Anas: Ada handphone tumbuh ke kakak?
Kakak: Tunggu dulu. Kakak tak habis lagi. Nanti tumbuh buah. Kalau kita belah buah tu, dalam dia ada handphone Sony Ericson! (hehehe)
Me thinking: That's very misleading~

At the convocation..

Anas: Mak teh, tengok ni. Anas ada biji kopi. Ni kan, kalau tanam, nanti keluar handphone Sony Ericson!!
Mak Teh: (laughs) Sape ajar tuh?!
Anas: Kakak!

On the way to the the car,

Anas: Kakak,how do people make handphones?
Kakak: (in a convincing tone) Haaaa....Like this. They plant a seed.
Anas: Plant a seed? And then what? You get a handphone?
Kakak: Eh, wait, I haven't finished yet. And then the plant will grow.. When the plant grows, there will be a...
Anas: A phone?
Kakak: Wait. I haven't finished yet. Then fruits will grow. If we cut the fruits in half, there will be a Sony Ericson phone inside it! (hehehe)
Me thinking: That's very misleading~

At the convocation..

Anas: Mak teh, Look at this. I've a coffee bean. If I plant it, I can get a Sony Ericson phone!!
Mak Teh: (laughs) Who taught you that?!
Anas: Kakak!
Just thought it's a funny story to share, Anas is so gullible~

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