Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book cover

Assalamualaikum everybody!! I'ts been a week since SPM is over for me and I'm so glad to be blogging again.

Recent life:

Thursday 9th -- My family's third time holiday at Cameron Highlands this year. This time we brought along my Ummi's siblings and their families with us. We visited MARDI and went jungle trekking along path number 4 all the way to Parit Falls. Not forgetting we celebrated Ummi's birthday on friday 10th with big fat strawberry muffins. No cake. Album up in the gallery.

Friday 17th -- Travelled back to Kampung Derga, Alor Setar for ummi's cousin's wedding the next day. Photos also up in the gallery.

And also very recently, I switched my sewing machine back on. I sewn 2 book covers, one for Najah's notebook and one for my Quran.

I just thought it would be a beautiful way to bedazzle my Quran with a new glamorous cover. It's really glamour looking.

As for Najah's notebook, the original cover was one of those ordinary book covers which say 'Exercise Book' at the front of it. Najah asked for a denim cover with little slots inside for her pens.

So, who wants? Let me know and I'll make you one for a good price.

Anyways, future life:

I will be attending the MHI camp this Saturday at Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor. To be frank, I'm not so crazy about going. I would really like to stay home and keep sewing and plan outings with friends, but Ummi paid the fees already so no turning back.

When I get back from MHI, I have another camp coming up. Yes, that's right. The three month PLKN. Though I think I might get an excuse due to my previous health issues.

That's all I guess. I'll be off for a month and then God knows if I'll get an excuse from PLKN or not.



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