Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear blog...

Lately, my head ran out of words to describe how life has been. . . So lets start with the track I'm listening to right now, Hold You Down by J-lo and fat joe. Its a pretty old track but I just love the song so much right now.

Anyway, I've been meaning to blog about our latest family holiday, at Penang, not Cameron, with Umi's family. :DD TNB's holiday home in Penang is superbly awesome~~ Its hell huge, spacious, top floor is a patio, front yard is wider than my granpa's yard, and backyard is a playground, while just outside the back gate is a beautiful beach! Subhanallah.

We didnt really go to many places in Penang, but it didn't matter, the house was a luxury to stay at anyway. Wish I could post a pic of the house, but I forgot to snap one, lol.

More on current news, second semester is ending, my final exam is coming up on Wednesday 28th and after that I have 10 days to study for a Mathematics re-sit exam coming up next year. Some ass leaked question of last sem's Maths paper. No, neither me nor my classmates got any leaked questions, but now the entire first year batch on campus has to re-sit the exam~ grr..

That's about all I want to record for today, I wish I could write a lot more cuz my study mood is extremely low at the moment. I'd love to tell the world that me and honey are patching things up, but right now both of us are too distracted. Though I do wish sometime in the future I'll be able to say, "The highschool sweethearts lives on!!!" LOL. cheesy. Just thinking of it, since not two days ago a very pretty schoolmate of mine got married. Wish her and her hubby all the best in their future together. No pics, since they're not mine to post :)

Life goes on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going pink!

An all new blog look. Made using one of my all time favourite scrapkits, Spring Love by ViVa Its about time I gave my blog a makeover and a post update :) lembut kan?? :DD lol.

Other things new, like this lappy :D, happy me! Actually, abang chose it for me cuz I wasn't sure what I want. It was an entire morning spent with abang at Lowyat, thats the best part. I don't get to spend a lot of time with abang lately. It was nice to have a day out with him, even though it was only cuz I needed him to choose a lappy for me :)

More new kanzashis, made with lots of leftover denim and linen fabric.

And of course, a work in progress, mini polka dot kanzashi brooches. Much smaller and more wearable :)

Currently addicted to this song,

Thats all for now, gotta get ready for physics class!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wire-edged polka dot flower


Decluttering. Hate it. Because I have to go through all my craft materials to reorganize and refold fabrics. Love it. Because I can make room for new things and I end up finding some untouched craft materials waiting to be transformed into a showpiece. Like the multi-colour polka dot fabric that I purchased at Nilai Tiga some time before Raya. And the floral wire that I bought a long, long time ago but never really knew what I wanted to do with it. Until I found this tutorial. Click.

So, for the sake of keeping myself busy, I made this wire-edged flower. It's a no-sew project, but it definitely satisfied my crafty hands. The coloured edge is just to make it look cartoon-like. I think it turned out okay... ^_^


Monday, October 17, 2011

Pleated Petal Kanzashi


Currently, listen to Demi Lovato's new album, Unbroken. Love it. Been listening to it since it came out last month. Not bored yet. Awesome.

The past 5 weeks was not great, and getting over it is not great either. Despite being an emotional wreck, in attempt to distract myself, I'm going to sew something each day til the end of sem break. Alongside completing a couple of orders from some extremely patient customers who were kind enough to wait an entire month for my sem break, even 1 customer who waited over 3 months just so she can get her clutch purse made from a fabric of her own choice other than my polka dot palette. :) Thank you so very much for the support.

So, today I made the pleated petal kanzashi. Finally. Heh. The brown one is made from cotton linen decorated with wooden buttons. The one on the right is made from lightweight cotton that I recently bought from this shop. My eight year-old bruv actually helped me with choosing the perfect colour acrylic stone for the center. Thank you Anas. :) I think both kanzashis turned out lovely.

Not sure what I'll make tomorrow and the coming week, but hopefully its all a good distraction to keep me busy.



Friday, September 02, 2011

Every day is better than the one before :)

Salam all, I just got back from Kuantan last night, where I had an awesome Raya with my enormous Kuantan family :)

Currently downloading MCR albums and uploading photos to photobucket.

This raya was a very colourful one, because all of Abi's siblings came to spend a few nights in Kuantan, where of course the usual stuff happens, like:-

- the boys play PS from morning till night
- the girls gossip from room to room
- all the little kids hog the TV to watch Astro Ceria~
and of course,
- all the cornflake cookies are eaten by me ;)

Anyways, on the third raya us girls went to East Coast Mall for an eating spree and some random window shopping. The best part was, of course, when all seven of us cramped into one fitting room at Parkson only to try out clothes and snap pics. And I guess we were to loud, laughing crazily and silently banned from Parkson for a while~ heh. Lots and lots and lots of pics have been uploaded so do see :)

That's all the update for now, have plenty of work left to do, including some orders and my own bag. :DD

Much Love xoxo


Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear all, I've not been updating for a while due to being busy and having headaches and heartbreaks. :'( I'm blogging at my granma's house in Kuantan surrounded with my cousins. I just had to find time to post this pic online..

Pointy petal kanzashi brooches that me and roommates sewn at campus to fill up our boring days.. It's approx. 2.5in x 2.5in, with a coloured button for the center. Want it? PM me on FB or email, okay! ;)

Btw, I'm currently working on a new bag for class, so I'll be posting that soon. Do wait and see! Happy Eidul Fitr Everyone!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The other day kaann...

I met Bieber~


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wing Keyring.

Those kanzashis are Hadira's. Aren't they lovely?

Anyways, the other day Najah asked me to order some stuff from Beading cuz she wanted to make accessories for her teachers. I've always wanted to order stuff from Beading cuz they're all so gorgous. Unfortunately, I only bought Najah's things first, plus my little 'Made With Love' heart charms. :p Do click the pic if you wanna see it bigger.

Then Najah said that she only wants one wing pendant, so she allowed me to take one if I wanted it. So, I came up with a wing keyring, like below.

I showed this to Abang and he said, "Only one wing? So it can't fly?"

If y'all noticed, I posted this on my FB too, and someone said I 'bertukang ke?' No..hehe..I just assembled the parts together, but I'm not taking any orders for these yet, though I do plan to shop for more stuff at Beading in the near future because I think this new hobby is easier as it does not require a sewing machine (which I cant take with me to hostel). That doesn't mean I've stopped sewing, I still am but only for special requests since I'm not always home with my sewing machine.

So that's all I guess, I just wanted to show the keyring, that's all :)



Thursday, June 02, 2011

Laptop skin Kak Iman


I am now in CFS IIUM. Ta'aruf week is still on, but I promised kakak I'd post a pic of a laptop skin I completed before I left home. Its for another one of her friends. She asked for a yellow-gold background with criss-cross pattern and a two-layered bow. Not forgetting the black and white polka dot stripes and black satin flap. Sorry for the blurry pics.. I didn't snap them, someone else did. lol. Plus had no time to edit since I'm at a c.c. with no ps and the computer can't open

Anyways, lovely isn't it?


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Not for me..HAHA!! But I am heading to UIA PJ on the 28th.. So, I'm trying my best to finish off all the orders before I go. Then after that, no orders till I have a holiday. :)) Don't get me wrong, I dont hate PLKN, its just that it's kind of disturbing my studies...

Anyways, yesterday I just completed a long order of 5 freakin' laptop skins. But my camera's batteries are dead so no pictures. Bummer. Orders are now reopened only for a few days though..

Not much to update at the moment.. Just some disappointment of not being able to go on holiday with my family to Penang. Yes, Penang, not Cameron~~ LOLZ.. Abi tried to book the Sharples home in Cameron (like, again~) but since we got to stay there 3 times last year and twice the year before (OMG), no sharples for us this year, except during odd days that people don't want, Abi will book it. Instead, he got TNB's beautiful Penang bungalow which my family will be staying at for a few days of the two-week holiday. And I don't get to be there cuz I'll be at UIA having orientation week~~ lalala~~...

Kay, that's all the rant for today. One last thing I'd like you guys to check out, someone recently made a similar looking coin purse to my purple bow handphone case in January. You see, bows are classic for girls. So don't trash me if I put bows on my designs..

Here the link, give her some love:



Saturday, May 14, 2011


Salam, y'all.. I'm so happy to log in and see the dashboard instead of another "blogger is currently unavailable" page..hehe..

Just wanted to post this:

Its my satin colour palette. I recently bought that yellow-ish-gold satin (second from left) and my sister wanted to see what it looks like. Then I thought, I might as well post it on the blog so y'all can see your choice of colours. I use satin to make the name keyrings, kanzashi flowers, laptop skins, book covers, handphone cases and for lining the inside of the polka dot clutch.

From left: champagne, yellow-gold, baby blue, hot pink, maroon, vintage light pink, vintage purple, shiny purple and black.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Polka dots.

Salam, craft lovers.

I ordered more polka dot fabric the other day from Yon's cotton.

The Gen-X gradreuniation 2011 was last Sunday and I just had to make myself an accessory. (I really had to, cuz we were not allowed to wear trousers so I needed a place to put my wallet and phone in).

Pleated zippered polka dot clutch with firm (stabilized) satin lining.

Like? Love? Want one? Just email me with your fabric choice and I'll let you know the cost :)

p/s: Mine is missing a handle. Let me know if you would like a wristlet handle attached to the side of your clutch.

[The 20 sen is for you to compare the size of the dots]


Saturday, April 30, 2011

European Blockbuster Giveaway by Princess Closet!!

Check this out!

The author of Princess Closet is hosting her first giveaway and I would love to win one of those beautiful printed fabrics. Bet if you're a crafter you would want it too~~ So, go there and enter, okay!! The more, the merrier.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something new...


See that? It's a laptop skin for kakak's roomie~~ I sewn labuchi flowers on it with a little bit of ruffle detail at the corner, and of course some heat set crystals. - It's ready to show off!! Hehe..The best thing about it is that its not like other laptop skins that you stick on your laptop, it's fabric with a stretchy frame to keep it clinging.

So that's new.. Other things new are like rearraging my fabric stocks,

or something that needs restocking,

plus a new method of finishing off my fabric scraps..

But, of course, the newest thing of all is what arrived in the mail for me the other day!!

Lets take a look at that denim kanzashi flower again with the pin brooches~~

Yeay!! Pattern fabrics + more pin brooches = Happy me!! Can't wait to make more stuffssss~~