Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Yayy!! Back from camp!! It was pretty awesome I guess.. The best part was for sure, seeing Maher Zain live~!!!

However, right now I'm not gonna talk about camp..maybe some other time.. I wanna talk about shoes.! My shoes~~!

My old shoes that I took to camp were torned apart, like..seriously destroyed.. So when our camp took us to visit IIUM on friday, I walked all the way to kakak's mahallah to borrow her shoes. She lent me a pair of high wedges, which I don't know how to walk in them..

So on Sunday, I bought myself these!!

They're XES Studios~ They may look a bit plain to you but in this case, I like being practical...

Anywayz, this morning I completed something for Najah..

Its a keyring with her name spelled in little fake dimes.. Hope she likes it!

Thats all I've to say today.. I think I wanna get back to my sewing now, buhbye!!



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