Sunday, February 20, 2011

Price Comparison

Yesterday I went out with a couple of friends for an eating spree at Alamanda. Of course we had to stop by other shops for clothes and accessories too.. But almost 80% of our money was spent on food.

Anyways, just wanna show off this new ring that I bought. I first saw the ring at Chamelon. And I loved it so much, though I did not buy it yet. Chamelon sells a variety of cheap, funky, non-traditional rings, including this rose ring. The tag was RM3.90, which is very cheap but I still hesitated to buy because I have enough rings for all my fingers already.

After leaving Chamelon, we had to stop by Sinma for more accesory shopping. I saw this same ring on display, made with the same colourful wire and attachable ring, the only difference was that it was black. I decided then that I wanted to own this ring since I've always wanted a rose ring, my favourite flower combined with my favourite jewellery. I went to the counter to ask the price since it did not have a tag.

The lady said, "RM9"..

My head was like "f~@#$%^&*k!" There is a 5ringgit difference on this thing, and that is a huge difference for the only two girls accessory shops competing in the same mall. I went straight back to Chamelon for this ring before anyone else bought it. Then I realised that Sinma only wanted to maintain their 'better quality, higher price' reputation. But there was definitely nothing significant about the quality of this particular ring.

In the end, lesson learnt. Even pretty little things, like this finger decoration needs price comparison before purchasing. So, if you ever find yourself shopping at Alamanda Putrajaya and you're looking for girl accessories, visit both Chamelon and Sinma, then decide for yourself which is your favourite.


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