Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everybody Hurts.

Listening to Avril Lavigne's Everybody hurts.

I love this blog, Kevin and Amanda. Merely because she offers free handwriting and scrapbook fonts, and Cry Kitty is among my all time favourite fonts by Amanda.

So, feeling a little gothic, I made an alpha using this font and named it Scars and Scratches. The finished product is the result of past cries and screams~

Preview is NOT linked. Heh. Click the link below to download on 4shared. Unfortunately, thats the only way you can download it because I cannot be bothered to make another file sharing account. Lazy me ;)

Scars and Scratches by

Anyways, planning to go to a fabric store this weekend so I can make a variety of colourful kanzashi flowers..

Enjoy the download!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Kanzashi flower.

I've just finished making a couple of keyring orders, and still actually have another 6 orders and a laptop skin. . . . .

I got a little pissed with my sewing machine since the motor is kind of screwed up. I've been using the wheel to complete the orders I got.. Taking a break from my machine, I decided to make these hand sewn beauties..

Aren't they just pretty!! They're called kanzashi flowers. I stuck a pin blank on the back of it to make it into a brooch..

Anyways, do click to see it bigger.. I'm gonna try some other versions of kanzashi flowers now, and I'll be sure to post them here..


Saturday, March 19, 2011



Just yesterday I finished giving Najah's blog a complete makeover. She has decided to re-open her dusty old blog so she can compete among her friends to see who has the nicest blog.

I decided I wanted to give my blog a makeover too.. So,'s not purple this time. I realised I enjoy doing this a lot, so maybe I'll makeover my blog more often..

Who wants a blog makeover?


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Goodbye Lullaby

It's a couple of weeks since I last posted.. I'm still feeling depressed and one of the little ways I deal with it is by scrapbook shopping..

I downloaded 2 music albums recently.. The first one is an old one, it's Vanessa Hudgens' Identified. I've had it before, but lost it when the computer got reformatted... The second album is Avril's latest album, Goodbye Lullaby.. Gotta love her music... So I scrapped to these two albums..

Kit: Spring Love by ViVa Artistry

Kit: Spring Love by ViVa Artistry

Kit by Kim B's Designs
Photo by Pugley Pixel

Kit: Gentle Rain by Blue Flower Art
Sketch: SBB Sketch Challenge March '11

Kit: Genuine by Jen Reed
Template: SBB Template Challenge March '11

Kit: For The Pleasure To Offer by Manue Designs

Kit: Just Love Me by The Sugar Girls

Kit: Just Love Me by The Sugar Girls
Template: Manda's Scrapping Creations

Kit: Shine On by Bon Scrapatit's Designs
Template: SBB Template Challenge Feb '11

Kit: Heartfully Yours by Bon Scrapatit's Designs
Template: Manda's Scrapping Creations

Kit: Friends Dreams Memories by Bon Scrapatit's Designs
Template: Manda's Scrapping Creations

Kit: Pocket Finds by Connie Prince and Victoria Feemster

Kit: Celebrate by Digital Crea Collab

Anyways, I'm currently falling for this song in Avril's new album. The song is called Everybody Hurts.

Everybody hurts some days
Its okay to be afraid
Everybody hurts,
Everybody screams,
Everybody feels this way,
And its okay..

Do listen to her new album, Goodbye Lullaby. Its different from her past albums without losing her music touch.