Monday, April 25, 2011

Just when I thought my schedule is clear...


Just doing some spring cleaning to this blog~ I've been so busy lately with orders that just keeps rolling in. Don't get me wrong, keep 'em rolling! Just that I still have to make time for my KPP test (heh. baru nak amek lesen) which I really want to get done before May 15th. May 15th is the day I have to 'lapor diri' at Kem Temasya Rimba Templer, Rawang where it will be my home for 3 months. Yes, everyone is entering IPT soon while I am heading to PLKN. How sad~

So, I still have to go for my medical check-ups (which I've been told, a very long process), I have a mock debate at school this Friday and I want to make time for my friends because by the time I get back from PLKN, they would all be scattered across the country already. Not forgetting 5 orders that needs to be completed on my list, a laptop skin which is 90% done, and 4 keyring orders which I have not started yet. I've been informed a book cover order is on the way, and more keyrings!

Besides all that, I enjoyed some online shopping here, here and here. Love them! Can't wait to receive my parcels!! :DD

As for the kanzashi brooches, I will be making more versions once I find the time~



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