Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something new...


See that? It's a laptop skin for kakak's roomie~~ I sewn labuchi flowers on it with a little bit of ruffle detail at the corner, and of course some heat set crystals. - It's ready to show off!! Hehe..The best thing about it is that its not like other laptop skins that you stick on your laptop, it's fabric with a stretchy frame to keep it clinging.

So that's new.. Other things new are like rearraging my fabric stocks,

or something that needs restocking,

plus a new method of finishing off my fabric scraps..

But, of course, the newest thing of all is what arrived in the mail for me the other day!!

Lets take a look at that denim kanzashi flower again with the pin brooches~~

Yeay!! Pattern fabrics + more pin brooches = Happy me!! Can't wait to make more stuffssss~~




nural @ dae said...

gosh.. isuke sgt menjahit...
tp xblajar2 pon lg..
skrg just pndai masak jer.. hmm..

aYan said...

pndi masak..okay la tuh.. I'm hopeless in the kitchen~~