Sunday, May 22, 2011


Not for me..HAHA!! But I am heading to UIA PJ on the 28th.. So, I'm trying my best to finish off all the orders before I go. Then after that, no orders till I have a holiday. :)) Don't get me wrong, I dont hate PLKN, its just that it's kind of disturbing my studies...

Anyways, yesterday I just completed a long order of 5 freakin' laptop skins. But my camera's batteries are dead so no pictures. Bummer. Orders are now reopened only for a few days though..

Not much to update at the moment.. Just some disappointment of not being able to go on holiday with my family to Penang. Yes, Penang, not Cameron~~ LOLZ.. Abi tried to book the Sharples home in Cameron (like, again~) but since we got to stay there 3 times last year and twice the year before (OMG), no sharples for us this year, except during odd days that people don't want, Abi will book it. Instead, he got TNB's beautiful Penang bungalow which my family will be staying at for a few days of the two-week holiday. And I don't get to be there cuz I'll be at UIA having orientation week~~ lalala~~...

Kay, that's all the rant for today. One last thing I'd like you guys to check out, someone recently made a similar looking coin purse to my purple bow handphone case in January. You see, bows are classic for girls. So don't trash me if I put bows on my designs..

Here the link, give her some love:



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