Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wing Keyring.

Those kanzashis are Hadira's. Aren't they lovely?

Anyways, the other day Najah asked me to order some stuff from Beading cuz she wanted to make accessories for her teachers. I've always wanted to order stuff from Beading cuz they're all so gorgous. Unfortunately, I only bought Najah's things first, plus my little 'Made With Love' heart charms. :p Do click the pic if you wanna see it bigger.

Then Najah said that she only wants one wing pendant, so she allowed me to take one if I wanted it. So, I came up with a wing keyring, like below.

I showed this to Abang and he said, "Only one wing? So it can't fly?"

If y'all noticed, I posted this on my FB too, and someone said I 'bertukang ke?' No..hehe..I just assembled the parts together, but I'm not taking any orders for these yet, though I do plan to shop for more stuff at Beading in the near future because I think this new hobby is easier as it does not require a sewing machine (which I cant take with me to hostel). That doesn't mean I've stopped sewing, I still am but only for special requests since I'm not always home with my sewing machine.

So that's all I guess, I just wanted to show the keyring, that's all :)



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