Friday, September 02, 2011

Every day is better than the one before :)

Salam all, I just got back from Kuantan last night, where I had an awesome Raya with my enormous Kuantan family :)

Currently downloading MCR albums and uploading photos to photobucket.

This raya was a very colourful one, because all of Abi's siblings came to spend a few nights in Kuantan, where of course the usual stuff happens, like:-

- the boys play PS from morning till night
- the girls gossip from room to room
- all the little kids hog the TV to watch Astro Ceria~
and of course,
- all the cornflake cookies are eaten by me ;)

Anyways, on the third raya us girls went to East Coast Mall for an eating spree and some random window shopping. The best part was, of course, when all seven of us cramped into one fitting room at Parkson only to try out clothes and snap pics. And I guess we were to loud, laughing crazily and silently banned from Parkson for a while~ heh. Lots and lots and lots of pics have been uploaded so do see :)

That's all the update for now, have plenty of work left to do, including some orders and my own bag. :DD

Much Love xoxo


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