Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going pink!

An all new blog look. Made using one of my all time favourite scrapkits, Spring Love by ViVa Its about time I gave my blog a makeover and a post update :) lembut kan?? :DD lol.

Other things new, like this lappy :D, happy me! Actually, abang chose it for me cuz I wasn't sure what I want. It was an entire morning spent with abang at Lowyat, thats the best part. I don't get to spend a lot of time with abang lately. It was nice to have a day out with him, even though it was only cuz I needed him to choose a lappy for me :)

More new kanzashis, made with lots of leftover denim and linen fabric.

And of course, a work in progress, mini polka dot kanzashi brooches. Much smaller and more wearable :)

Currently addicted to this song,

Thats all for now, gotta get ready for physics class!