Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make-over ! :DD + 3 blog tricks tutorial links

Salam Ramadhan Mubarak everybody!

Hope everyone is doing well and embracing the 1st of Ramadhan. A few days ago I decided to make-over my blog. Go with a different colour scheme. So I came up with this simple look. Not too girlish, not too dark. It was made using two different scrapkits with the same colour palette, Digitally Smitten by Digital Design Essentials and Just The Way You Are by Secret Stash. The font I used in my header, titles and dates is called Mikayla by Miss Tiina. I used several different tutorials I found on the Internet for making simple alterations to your blog, thought I might share a few...

1. Smooth scroll-to-top button.
If you noticed, I've added a new little widget at the bottom right corner of my blog. When you've started scrolling down, a flashing epoxy will appear and by clicking on it, it flies you back to the top. Neat, huh? There are many tutorials on the Internet explaining you how to do this but I found this link to be most understandable. So if you'd like to add a smooth scroll-to-top button to your blog, here's the link :

2. Font for Post titles and dates.
For those who don't like the font of your post titles and dates, I found this awesome tutorial by Amanda from Kevin And Amanda (she also makes free fonts for downloads!) on how to change the fonts of your titles and dates and sidebar titles to ANY font you want. Yes, any font that you can download or already have in your font stash.

3. Image next to dates and sidebar titles.
One more tutorial I'd like to share with you is the little icons next to my dates and sidebar titles. I like to match them with my favicon, looks more uniform. ;)

That's three fancy adjustments I made to my blog to keep it unique. Yes, I love HTML :DD

Have a great Ramadhan and Happy Fasting!



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