Thursday, August 16, 2012


Salam everyone.

I had a fun day today, with my mum. We went to look at baju raya but we seemed to forget that most stores in Bangi opens at 11. -_- We only window shopped today, just to get some idea of what I want. After that, I took a visit to school, had a chat with some juniors, some seniors and some teachers and had a look around the new buildings that I haven't seen. Apparently, they're going to build another new building at the end of the year. A 6-level building with an elevator. Awesome. A strange thing also happened today, I got offered a job. I was at my favourite sewing store, Karysma, at 4tam Bandar Baru Bangi, and the managing director offered me a job to teach classes on how to sew bags. Of course I couldn't do it since I'm still studying, but the man gave me his card anyway, to let him know my next holiday. To be offered to do what I love as a first ever job, how lucky is that? :D

Well anyway, onto my other hobby. As promised :DD, the template freebie. Yayy!! I made this scrap page for the photos I snapped using the clever edges technique.

 And here is your free page template. No idea why I named it sketchy, but it was the first thing that came to my head when I looked at it.




Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Top 5 Favourite Bag Tutorials

Salam everyone. Yes, I'm officially home for Eidulfitr holiday. I dont have very long, just a week, but I do have so much I want to complete in a week. I received an emergency book cover order from a friend recently plus my younger sister needs a skirt for a fancy dinner. I'll be off to the textile store again with her soon to pick out fabrics.

Anyways, lately I've been exploring the Internet for some really great sewing patterns and tutorials for bags. (I'm gonna have to search for skirts soon..) I've a whole list I'd like to try making in the future. These are among my favourites that I found that I really really really wanna sew !! :DD

1. The Everything Bag by Blue Bird Baby. I love this tutorial, the instructions are very clear and easy to understand. The photographs are fairly detailed. But, of course the bag itself is something I probably need to take to classes. Definitely big enough to put in books.

2. The Messenger Bag by Obsessive Crafting Disorder. Also another clear and understandable tutorial. I like the look of the bag. As of right now, I'm not the handbag type of girl, I like either a good sling or wristlet clutch to use for a day out. Of course wristlets are more of a formal thing. This bag is perfect for a walk in the park.

3. The City Backpack by Heart of Mary. What I love about this bag is the fact that it's a drawstring backpack. I've searched forever and there is only one other free drawstring backpack tutorial on the Internet that looks almost similar to this one, which I'm sure all DIY bag lovers know exactly the tutorial I'm referring to :) In case you don't know, the one written by the super awesome bag maker, Lisa Lam, the author of The Bag Making Bible and A Bag For All Reasons. Though I prefer this pattern because the base of the bag is much wider that its flap. So you get a kind of chubby look to it. (That's how I'd put it into words!)

4. The Conversation Bag by Sew Sweetness. This bag was made using quilted fabrics and it looks lovely, but not the reason why I like it. Although its a simple rectangular bag, I think the way the zip was sewn is unique, how it curves almost half way around the edge and how it is sewn hidden. This may also be a great bag to make for taking to class.

5. The Wallet-to-tote On The Go by Ikat Bag. I think everybody needs at least one of these in their pocket. Fold-away totes have already been trending for quite a while in the shops in Malaysia, however you rarely find fold-away totes that are zipped. Usually, the ones you find in the shops are buttoned and has no function when they are folded. But this one doubles as a zippered pouch. An awesome emergency tote to have with you all the time.

So there, that's the first 5 bags I want to make in my to-sew list. Hopefully, when this semester is over, I'll have all the time I need for pleasure sewing.


**Quick note - Yes, I promised a free template in my previous post. That will be up tomorrow ! :)


Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo technique - Clever Borders/Edges

Assalamualaikum and happy monday!

I'm currently in the middle of my mid-semester exams, but today, I get a day off since I've no papers today! Awesome~ I decided I wanted to do some scrapping on my monday off, so I went through my albums in Cameron Highlands and I noticed a photo technique I frequently use when I want to add a little embellishment to my photos without actually searching through my scrap stash.

This is a photo I submitted to scrapbookbytes forum a couple of years ago for a photo challenge. The challenge was to to take a photo that framed a subject, as the one below where me and my cousins are sitting on a wedding bed framed with flowers. Do click to see the pics bigger.

The technique I'd like to share today is almost similar to the photo above, but instead of letting the frame dominate all the edges of your photo, make the frame only take up a little part of it. The idea came from my two sisters who are way better at taking pictures than I am. All the photos below were snapped on our many holidays to Cameron Highlands since my dad loves it there so much. :)

This is an example of a clever floral border-ing by my elder sister.

And another one by younger sister.

Simple but uniquely enhancing! Lets go step-by step on how its done.

1. First of all, pick the subject of your photo. It doesn't have to be a posed photo, it doesn't even have to be a person. However, its best to go with a diverse surrounding so that you'll have a selection of borders or edges to choose from. On my most recent trip to Cameron Highlands, my mom was doing some holiday paper-marking at the patio of the beautiful Osmaniah Home, so I decided to use her as the subject of my photo.

2. Pick your border or edge. Look around the surrounding of the subject. As my photo is outside I chose plants and flowers as my edge.

3. Snap your photo with the border/edge in front of the subject, not the other way around. Otherwise, the technique is less effective. The trick to this technique is to focus a slight more on the border/edge and let the subject be the background.

Take many snaps at different angles and switch to different borders, or edges until you get a photo you're really happy with. You can make the border/edge take up as much of your photo or as little of your photo as you want.

You don't have to let the border/edge come from only one side of your photo, you can also make it come slightly from the bottom and a bit from the top.

That's a little bit of what I know that I can share. I'm not the slightest bit close to a professional photographer, nor do I have a sophisticated digital camera to take pictures with. So I like using simple techniques like this for my photos.

And, of course, with sequence photos comes a great scrap page. Yayy! :DD

This scrap page was made using the scrapkit Serenity by Just So Scrappy. The template is my own that I created for sequence photos. If you stick around long enough, you'll catch the template freebie some time later this week ! :DD

** In case anybody is wondering about the font I used to label my photos, its Pork Chop by Miss Tiina. :)

Last of all, to all Muslims, there is only a few days of Ramadhan left, use it well. Spend some time for Allah and He will spend time for you :)