Saturday, September 01, 2012

8 ways to draw a cartoon ice cream.

Assalamualaikum and Happy Syawal to all! Yes, I'm a fortnight late on the Raya wish because my past 2 weeks were full-on. Though I did have a lovely raya with my family in Alor Setar. :)

A while ago I found a shop in MidValley The Gardens, its a craft shop called Art Friend. They sell all kinds of art supplies and stationery, you wouldn't believe the various types of supplies. Drawing, painting, scrapping, quilling, sculpturing, beading and practically every other type of crafting, you can find supplies there.

So on my first visit to the store I bought some scrapbooking supplies (irrelevant to the post) and an eco-friendly scout book with a plain cover. There were other scout books with pictures printed on them and these books are sold in other stores too, but I purposely chose the plain one so that I can draw my own cover. Since then I've been thinking of ideas to draw on the cover until I got home Thursday night and read the November issue of The TIME Magazine. Knowing me, if you've read this issue too, you could probably guess which article inspired my scout book cover. ;)

Yep, none other than the Food article in The culture section. 

The article was written by Josh Sanburn and those tempting looking photos of the ice cream from several different ice cream parlours were taken by Elizabeth Renstrom.

The article was a spread about weird but unique flavours of ice cream invented by some very creative flavour inventors in the States.

Hence, my scout book cover,

Yeah, after giving weeks of thought, ice cream was all I needed~

That's all I wanted to share, really. If you love art and you live in Klang Valley, you should visit Art Friend, you'll fall in love. If you're an ice cream lover, then read the article, it'll make you run for the nearest ice cream parlour.

Much love, aYan