Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Three-month to do list.

Assalamualaikum and happy holidays to those who are already on their break. This is my first post since I got home from campus and I've so much to blog about.

Starting off with a bit of music, currently having my first listen to Taylor Swift's new album, Red. So far, still as flawless as her previous albums, just lovely. At the moment, also addicted to The Script's new album, #3. Favourite songs have to be 'No Words' and 'Millionaires' track #9 and #10. Another example of how current song addictions are affected by current life. :p

I'm happy. :) It's wonderful. No words to describe it.

Moving on... This is the holiday I've been waiting for in a long time, my three months holiday before registering for degree at IIUM main campus. Yep, three months. I've a checklist of things I want to do before continuing my studies.

1. Get my driver's license. Already working on that now.
2. Sew lots and lots. Kakak bought me plenty of US imported fabrics - Mostly from the Vera Bradley collection and my plan is to turn at least 50% of it into beautiful handmades before I go to campus.
3. Finish watching all episodes of Friends. Currently up to season 6 :D
4. See Skyfall and Breaking Dawn part 2.
5. Scrap some layouts of a couple of events that I haven't scrapped this year.
6. Go on holiday to Cameron Highlands and stay at The Sharples. Or to Penang and stay at TNB home in Tanjung Bunga.

So, yeahh. That's what I want to do. Now is just a matter of actually doing it. :p

Last of all, to all scrappers, go crazy this weekend, okay. There are no better scraps deals than (inter)National scrapbooking weekend.

Much love, aYan

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