Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aliya craft's Giveaway


I haven't taken part in a giveaway for a while now. So thought I might since the prize is so tempting. I've said this before, I'll say it again. When you're busy sewing things for other people, you kind of lose time to sew things for yourself, that is why I love handmade giveaways. And usually they're very generous too. :DD
Hmm..anyways, this giveaway is hosted by Aliya's Craft. Starts on the 12th December and ends on the 31st. If you want to win this lovely red, well-made wristlet clutch, go visit Aliya's Craft to find the details of how to join. Good luck!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just aYan's Handmade

Salam all...

I'm a little short on blogging lately. I've been up to a lot of sewing, constantly sketching up new bag designs I want to try out, going through my fabric stash over and over to figure what design looks best with the beautiful prints that my sister has bought for me, plus, making a new blog for it! :)

This is my new blog strictly for showcasing my handmades and custom orders. I will occasionally blog about my handmades here but for all the details, you may directly visit I've only posted a few clutches and an accordian wallet along with two custom mades, but there will be bags coming soon such as sling bags and totes. Do take a look around, maybe there is something you would like to own or gift to a friend or family, or if the colours or print or design is not to your liking you can also request a custom order. Nevertheless, they're all still beautiful to look at :)



Monday, December 10, 2012

That beach house on Penang island..

Salam all...

I just got back from my second family holiday of the current school break. We went to visit Penang again where we stayed at a beautiful location. Yes, none other than TNB beach house in Penang. It truly is an amazing place to stay.

Last I came here, I didn't take any photos of the house itself because I completely forgot, but this time I have all views.

Front view of the house. Quite a huge front yard with a drive-thru

This is a view of the back of the house. I was sitting on the swings in the backyard 

This year we came with my extended family from Abi's side. We didn't go to many places in Penang as we had to attend a wedding on Saturday, about 2 hours drive off the island. Regardless, it was a pleasant stay and we all had a lot of fun playing by the beach and in the sea. Yeahh, that's the great part about a beach house. You can go for a swim as early as you'd like, say 7.30 in the morning. :p

View of the front yard from the rooftop

View of the backyard from the rooftop

Abi only got to book the house for the weekend, so we had to leave by Sunday. A little unfortunate for me, that Sunday morning after a good time in the sea, I lost my ring. The silver one with carved hearts all around it. Huge possibility I might have dropped it the sand. So I went home with an empty finger. Quite sad about it because I've had the ring for 5 years. Ever since after highschool, I barely not wear it. Of course, beau suggested wearing a new ring..I don't know. I'd like a new ring, has to be special. We'll see...

Anyway, to end off this post, here is a pic of the beach. I was standing quite near to where I had dropped my ring.

I'm half-way through my holiday. Hopefully I have enough time to do everything I want to do before degree. Lucky its longer than some people may have. Be it a month or a week left, enjoy the rest of your holiday!



Friday, December 07, 2012

Buttons - The fabric kind.

Salam all.
See those? I'm sooo happy I found them. I know they're sold at online craft shops, but those tend to be more expensive. Buttons are my favourite type of sewing embellishment. I bought my first fabric covered button set from Daiso :DD. They just opened an outlet at MidValley Megamall, and I'm sure many people are as thrilled as I am.
As always, everything from Daiso is RM5 per item. These come in a few sizes and they also have refills so that when you run out of buttons, you dont have to buy a new set along with the assembly parts. They are so easy to use and they come out really neat. If you have these, you dont have to buy plain buttons just to make your own fabric covered ones. Totally worth it. Honestly, I'm so happy I bought these. Yayy!! :DD