Monday, January 21, 2013

A sweet little fabric shop

Salam all..

Currently listening to a song beau suggested to me, Wanted by Hunter Hayes. Love it.

When I shop for designer fabrics, I prefer doing it online cuz most textile stores in Malaysia don't have those divine imported cotton prints. Well, last weekend I decided to pay a visit to a lovely little fabric store in Subang. Have you heard of Fabric Fanatics? I first started browsing fabrics there online at . But since I was in Subang last week, I thought why not go see the physical shop itself. I had things I needed to buy there anyway, might as well save myself the shipping costs.

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Such a dainty little shop ain't it? :D Its a small store, but looking at all those rolled yards of gorgeous fabrics arranged together so beautifully on the racks, so heavenly to look at. I didn't have much cash on me at the time, since I was only expecting to buy what I need. 

So that was my eye candy for the day. If you love fabrics of all types, textures and colours, you'll love this shop. Fabric Fanatics at The Summit USJ.

That's all really, just wanted to give out some handmade love <3 p="p">



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