Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Macaroon Love

Salam everyone!! :D

It has been just over two months since I last blogged, which was right before the semester began. I'm currently on my mid-sem break so I only have around 8 days at home. And I've used up 4 and a half days for movies and baking and going out with my family. I have a whole list of things I need to sew for myself,

1. New pencil case. My pencil case right now is 7 years young and its very dirty. It makes all my new stationery dirty too.

2. New wallet. I've been using my black and red Milk Teddy small wallet for many years too, some parts are ripping, plus I really want to start using a long wallet and keep my cash nice and flat with no creases. :)

3. Laptop sleeve. I've sewn 2 laptop sleeves, for my mum and older brother, but haven't been able to sew any for myself. Like I've said before, when you're busy sewing things for others there's no time to sew things for yourself.

But, see..the thing is..I always make lists of things I'd like to sew, or bake, or buy or just simply a plan of what tasks to complete during a holiday. I barely ever complete them. My focus period lasts just as long as a block of ice in a hot pan. When something gets boring, I move on to something else and tell myself I'll get back to it later. In the end, I'm still left with a full list with each task half done. -_-' I really need to sort out my time.

Well anyway, yadayadayada... Macaroons! I baked them on Sunday. This is my fifth time. The first 2 times I baked these sugary stuff, which was last year, I failed terribly. Mixture turned out too runny. So then I bought this book at The Big Bad Wolf Bookfair (it was so cheap!) but only 2 weeks ago on my lil' bruv's birthday, I had a chance to actually use the recipes in the book.

My 3rd time baking macaroons, I had mixed in too much sugar, it was so silly~ But the fourth time, it worked awesome! Though I did change the recipe a little, I figured maybe because the humidity here in Malaysia is different to where the author of the book lives. Malaysia is so much hotter, plus my house don't have those fancy air-conds, just fans. So, instead of using large egg whites, I used smaller ones. And as I was making chocolate macarons, I reduced the cocoa powder to only 1 tbsp. The recipe makes about 20 macaroons. So if you're from Malaysia, and you're using the recipe in this book, still your mix is too runny, try doing what I did, okay! :D

This is my fifth time baking macaroons, I decided to make vanilla flavour. I think they turned out alright, though I didn't tap the trays hard enough so the feet of the macaroons didn't form very well. But still taste as good :)

That's all for tonight's post, I hope I get some sewing done before the end of the week

Much love, aYan


Bfirst said...

The macaroons look so delicious!! :D
You should make some for meee~
Hehe :3

Anonymous said...

THEY'RE macaRONS! MacaROONS are soft coconut cookies! I can't believe the editor of that cook book didn't even catch that!

aYan said...

Thanks for the info! I wouldn't have known unless I googled it.

I've seen loads of books with both spelling 'Macarons' and 'Macaroons'. I always thought it was a difference in British and American spelling, like 'colour' and 'color'.

I guess its a pretty common mistake! :)