Monday, June 17, 2013

Bag Upgrade + new fabrics

Salam all..

Woww..its been months since I last blogged. Of course undergraduate life is much busier than foundation. I'm currently on my semester break with only a week a left. So far I spent my holidays sewing, watching The Nanny, a couple of days at the Sharples with my family and of course a bit of baking. So much overdue stuff to blog about including my fabric shopping spree at the Supplies Surprise Bazaar 9, how I spent my birthday with my girl Nisaa, my new album addiction, stashing up my sewing supplies and showing off some sewing that I've done lately.

But, first of all, Demi by Demi Lovato. Love it! Her albums just get better and better. My favourite track would be number 11 - Never Been Hurt. As always, her albums has an infinite number of high notes so its difficult to sing along though.

Moving on, back in April I went to check out the 9th Supplies Surprise Bazaar held at the Bfree studio in Sunway. I've always wanted to go but never really knew how to get there. With the help of beau, it wasn't that hard to find. I bought a couple half yards of yummy cotton and a bit of PU leather then I bought more stash at Fabrics Fanatics in Summit the next day. Sum them all up, I spent over RM100 that weekend on fabric stash only. Awesome.

I think I should hit pause on fabric shopping for a while and use up what I have before purchasing more. On that note, I gave myself a bag upgrade from denim to PU leather :DD I actually need a new pencil case more than a new bag, but I just thought the purple leather looks better as a bag. I think I'm quite right about it.

The brown strap was recycled from an old converse bag that belonged to a friend. The bag wore out and she was ready to throw it away. I didn't let her do that. Instead I pieced it apart and took whatever I can use again. Now I have myself a new handbag/sling bag. Excited :DD

I also made another creation out of my PU stash. I call it the two-way clutch. They're already selling in retail and slowly entering the less expensive accessory world. Notice the snap buttons attached to it, the function is to switch the clutch colours. I made this one in red and cream. Basicly, the clutch is red on one side and cream on the other, so the colours are switchable simply by using the snap buttons. I'm not very good at literal explanation, hopefully the pictures help.

This is my first try at this, so the stitching is rather messy. I'm thinking of making them in cotton, one side plain and the other with a flashy print. I don't have a button snap set, so I had to visit my favourite sewing store, Karysma to insert the snaps. While I was there, I thought why not buy some zips in advance, two of each colour.

Don't they just look wonderful? Heee..

Anyways, that's all for this post. I did manage to complete one custom order from my Mak Long, already posted at Just aYan's.

Until next time...



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