Thursday, August 29, 2013

A trade for less

Salam all..

As always, I'll start with "Woww, the last time I blogged was about two months ago". Then I'll go on to telling y'all that I've been so busy with degree life. yadayadayada

That's true. Can't change it. Being an engineering student made me give up a lot of what I love doing so that I can devote my time for my studies. Among the reasons I chose engineering is because its the only course that both me and my parents can agree with.  But it sucks. It really gets to me when I fail time and time again. What's worse is that I've stopped sewing and scrapbooking and blogging and debating so that I can study engineering and I still suck at it. Why? Because I just can't bloody do it. It's not my thing. The only thing I look forward to in engineering is programming. It's the only thing I can excel in, alhamdulillah. If it was completely up to me, I'd take a course that involves a lot of fabric or a lot of sewing.

Yeah, this is just a ranting post about how I'm just sad that I've had to give up some things I love for something I don't really like at all.


Now all that is out the way, I did get a little bit of sewing done after raya but it still isn't satisfying. I need to sew more.

Much love, xoxo


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