Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Red leather

Salam all..

In the past few months I've had numerous things I wanted to blog about, raya 2013, finally going up Bukit Bendera in Penang, The Final Supplies Surprise Bazaar, 1st visit to the not-so-open Bangi Gateway..all that stuff..

But today, what I've decided to blog about after 3 months is this very gorgous red faux leather I had purchased a while ago from Kamdar. It is super awesome! Unfortunately, I dont have a pic of it, kinda stupid for not taking one~ I bought this leather for one sole purpose. In august, specifically 18th August, was Nisaa's birthday. Nisaa is one of my very best friends from highschool whom I barely see nowadays because our colleges are miles apart and our holidays are different.

So, on the day that I called her, I asked her what she wanted as a present and she described a medium-sized sling bag in a bright colour, that could fit drinks (I assume she wants to brings outside drinks into the cinema, she loves Chatime!). I realize I dont have money to buy branded items, but I do have a bag sewing skill. I decided to sew her a bag as she described. I've never noticed Nisaa wearing handbags that aren't water-proof, I knew I had to hunt for faux leather and the only bright colour they had besides gold was red. I guess that'll have to do. And the outcome,


Now that this bag is done, I have quite a bit of excess red leather. After a lot of hunting sprees for ideas, I know what I wanna make out of all that leftover. Lets hope it will be awesome :DD

That's all for now, maybe over the weekend I'd wanna blog about more fabric but right now I need to get ready for class~

Much Love,


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