Monday, September 29, 2014

Diary rant on things I miss

Salam.. I'm still alive, alhamdulillah.

A lot has happened in the past 7 months.

Haley went missing and never came home. Everyone was really sad about it. Haley was such a loyal cat. He would stand outside the gate every time Umi comes home from work. He would step in the door every morning when Abi goes out for Subuh prayer, then come upstairs to disturb people who are praying at home. Roll around on the prayer mat. When he got bored, he'd climb on us while we were praying and start slapping our mouths because its the only thing he can see that is moving when we're sitting down. Every time I come home, I'd call out his name, and he'd come running. I miss Haley.

This is my corner, which has not been filled with my things yet.

Kakak moved back home full time, so she could continue with her PhD at home and help around the house. That would mean that me, kakak and Najah wold have to share one bedroom. So kakak paid for a really awesome room renovation. We put in an open closet, folding shelves, corner tables, folding tables, and a bed-top table. Its super awesome. The room looks so much better and has more floor space with all that standing furniture gone. I don't miss the old room.

Ever since Kakak moved home, Anas has been begging for cats. Although he's made it clear that no cat could replace Haley, he wanted new cats to take care of. So me and Kakak went to the market and and brought home three kittens. Kakak paid for all of their expenses, cage, milk, food, toys, medication, just everything. They've become her babies. Guess now I'm back in campus, I miss them too.

Its been exactly 20 days since the new semester began and the new semester is awesome. Let me tell you why, cause I got my change of programme, effective this semester. I am now officially an ICT student. I think I'm doing a lot better in my studies. My aunty, mak njang, when I saw her over the holidays, she even told me I look lighter, and she actually said, maybe its because I changed my programme. And she's probably right. Everything is quite a breeze at ICT so far, except for the Computer Organization subject which I just need to work harder at. The only other thing that's not so smooth sailing is transferring my Calculus credits. I'm hoping those could settle before the mid-sem break. In terms of studying, I feel so much more comfortable, even when I don't understand something, I feel more interested to learn than I ever did in Engineering. I don't wanna jinx any of this, so I'm hoping this interested feeling will last for a long long looong time. I don't miss Engineering. I miss some of my friends there, who I run into a couple of times around campus and have awkward 2 minute conversations with, but other than that, I'm okay in ICT.

I haven't been sewing in months, due to all the work that was to be done at home, and when I finally sat and started sewing, my machine disfunctioned.

This sucks.

I wanna sew again. I miss sewing so so so much. My kakak brought home a bunch of really pretty fabric from Korea for me to sew with but I can't. Because I'm already a quarter way into a new semester, and my machine isn't even working properly.

I want a new sewing machine. One that could take on fairly thick layers. Maybe one with lots of different stitchings. Maybe it could have an overlock stitching too. That would be awesome.

I guess I've always taken my sewing machine for granted, I've been wanting to sew all holiday long, and my holiday was 3 whole months long, yet I didn't sew much, because there was a lot to be done at home that it took away my mood for sewing. I just always assumed my machine would just be there when I'm in the mood for sewing. But now its not working and I'm sad. When I get my machine fixed, or maybe a new machine all together, I wanna just sew all the time, every time I come home on the weekends, I wanna finish at least one project. I miss sewing.

The thing I miss most in the past 7 months, beau. Earlier this year, last semester's mid-sem break to be more specific, March 25th to be even more specific, beau ended things with me. It hurt so bad. Especially because there was no one to pin the blame on. But of course, it never really ended, beau kept coming back, we kept trying to fix things, a few childish fights later, in the course of 6 months, we're okay again. So now I'm just waiting for beau to make a fresh admission to a new kulliyyah and soon we'll be in the same campus again. But waiting for soon feels like forever.

....hence, end the short list of things I miss. Of course I haven't forgotten scrapbooking and debating and baking and blogging and everything else I haven't ranted about. But I still scrapbook once in a while and I still bake for occasions, I'm blogging today, plus, since I'm doing better in my studies, maybe I could start debating again, or if its too late, maybe I'll just join something new. So I'm wrapping this up.

Here's to waiting for soon.



Friday, February 07, 2014

Its the thought that counts :)

Salam all.

Okay, where do I start? Its already February and I've not blogged a single post in 2014, nor did I end 2013 with a post. Life has been just too too too busy for me. My entire January, a.k.a. semester holiday, was spent at home and out and about in Bangi. The furthest I got to, without parents, was probably Putrajaya. See, life at home during the holidays meant house chores nonstop. Since our maid left, workload just kept piling. I honestly don't mind it, but I wish I had more time to sew. I only got to take 2 orders this holiday and sew only a few ready mades that I didn't even get to complete. Though, it is still a holiday. I got to be with my family, drive around, see some friends, bake, shop with my sisters, attend my friend's wedding and of course, take care of my Abang's kitten.

This is Hailey, upside down on Ummi's lap. She's a playful one, loves to run and hide and play with just about anything that seems fiddly and loose. I guess I've just described any average kitten in the world, really. hehe. She can play around the house all by herself, discovering new low-hanging things to reach for, but she requires a bit of attention when she wants her nap. Just when I think she's asleep, I'll start to leave the room, but then she wakes up and stare at me with her kitty face that clearly says "Where are you going? Why are you leaving me all by myself?" Her stare will then make me feel guilty, it will make me sit back down next to her and keep stroking her fur until she truly falls asleep. She is now officially the baby of the house.

Moving on from our lovely kitten, my new semester has now started, a week in already. Before the new year I wanted to blog about a book I receive from my usrah mates. It is a book that I've always wanted. They gave it to me as a surprise on a group outing in KLCC. Honestly, its one of the most thoughtful gifts I've received in 2013.

I've always wanted a book written by the queen of bag making herself, Lisa Lam. I had planned to sew a couple of things in the book over my semester break, but of course, my holiday to-do list is always too much for me. This book is awesome though, I can't wait for when I have time to sew something from the book...wondering when that will be.

Anyways, this book got me thinking, I've received quite a few thoughtful gifts in 2013, so I thought maybe this is what my year opening post should be, Thoughtful Gifts Received in 2013.

So I'll start with this one, the gift I love so soo much, given to me by beau. It's a macaroon necklace made from polymer clay. There is a website called Minibites that sells handmade jewellery moulded into little pieces of food, basically. I've been a fan of Minibites for a long while and I've always wanted this macaroon necklace but never got round to actually purchasing it. Its not that I never had enough money, but its more about having other things that I need to spend my money on, hence I never bought it. When beau found out about this little piece of jewellery I've been keeping my eyes on, beau bought it for me as my 20th birthday present. Of course, I had to equal that on beau's 20th birthday which came around 4 months after mine. I think I nailed my gift for beau ;)

Another thoughtful gift I received last year was also a birthday present from one of my best girls, Nisaa. The Jelly Belly jelly beans groupon. I love jelly beans so when there was a groupon for these yummies, I went nuts cuz I really wanted it. Naturally, I recommended the groupon to someone I thought would want to try them (so that she'll buy it for me as a gift :DD ) since not many of my friends have the same appreciation for Jelly Bellies like I do. So Nisaa bought me the groupon and handed it to me on my birthday during our date at Pavilion.

coupon from The Cocoa Trees Klang Valley - KL

Next up is a 1D mug, given to me by my former roommate back at CFS, Amalina. Last year, I realised she was in a shopping mood all through semester. I was a bit worried about her spending, but she seemed as if she has it quite under control... Some time near the end of last semester exams, she came to my room and handed me a wrapped box. She said, she was out shopping somewhere, when she saw this, it reminded her of me. So she bought it. This is an awesome gift. I love 1D and this mug has all five of their handsome faces on it. Awesome!! :DD

I love notebooks. Its one of my favourite things to buy. When I was younger, just the cover of a notebook could make me want to own it, but nowadays I tend to care a lot about the look of the pages inside the book. I've had to stop myself from buying new notebooks because there came a point where I didn't know a good use for them. This notebook was given by my kakak usrah. She gave all of my usrah mates one each, and most importantly, she gave it a purpose. I'm so glad she did because I wouldn't know what to write in yet another notebook, it will just go into my notebook stash. She told us to write quotes in the book, quotes that we come across during our everyday activities, quotes that really caught our ears and had us listening. The first quotes I wrote in the book was a quote I heard at last semester's Grand Iftar and it really stuck to me.

This last one, I wouldn't say its a well thought gift, but it does mean a lot to me. My Ummi gets five of these Aeon Jusco vouchers every year, and she gives them to me. Last year, I bought a pair of shoes with them. This year, I decided to actually get something that I would love to add to my creative collection. I've been eyeing these fabric Sharpies for a while. The day I was shopping at Jusco, they were on sale and I got both Stained collection and metallic Sharpies for just under RM30. Super awesome! Though I haven't tried the Stained Sharpies yet, I can't wait~~~ :DD

So...thats some of the thoughtful gifts I've received in 2013. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who knows me well enough to know the exact perfect gift for me. I remember in every single one of these gifts, I was extremely excited and all kinds of ideas rushed through my mind. That's my 2013, hopefully 2014 will be just as awesome :)